Lunch break at Totus Tuus!

Lunch break at Totus Tuus!

"I was a princess, I was a servant; I was a soccer player, I was a dancer; I was a singer, I was an actor; I was a mother, I was a teacher; I was a teammate, I was a friend; I was a lover, I was a fighter; I was an early bird, I was a night owl; I was a pilgrim, I was a missionary; I prayed, I was prayed for; I lived in mansions, and I was homeless...This summer I was Totus Tuus!"

Totus Tuus calls upon college students and seminarians from across the United States and Canada to carry out the mission of Totus Totus:  

“To inspire in young people a true longing for holiness, a deep desire for daily conversion and openness to their vocation by the constant challenge to give themselves entirely to Christ through Mary and by continually strengthening their prayer lives in imitation of Her.”

How Does It Work?

Totus Tuus is a summer catechetical program. It started in Wichita, KS, in 1987 and has spread to more than 45 dioceses across North America. It is authentically Catholic. Missionaries inspire kids with their dynamic Catholic faith. We actively participate in the Sacraments, Adoration, and devotion to our Blessed Mother. There are crazy skits and messy, fun games. Totus Tuus is a summer of intense sacrifice. You will grow as a disciple and as a leader. You'll make new friends and be inspired to live your faith in a deeper way. 

Teams of four, two women/two men, travel to parishes across the diocese. Each week you'll visit a new parish and host a five-day parish mission, similar to "vacation Bible school." Missionaries are responsible for teaching classes to grades 1-6 during the day, and hosting a program for grades 7-12 in the evening. Missionaries will be trained to teach classes on theological topics. Missionaries stay with a host family from the parish and meals are provided during the week. 

Totus Tuus Teacher Responsibilities

Pray Daily and frequent the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. 
As a Totus Tuus teacher/missionary you will pray the Liturgy of the Hours, a daily rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, as well as attend daily Mass and weekly Adoration.

Sacrifice for Others
By being “Totus Tuus” you will need to put the needs of others before your own, particularly those of the youth that you will encounter this summer.  

“The Self lives only by dying, finds its identity and its happiness only be
self-forgetfulness, self-giving, self-sacrifice, and agape love.” –Peter Kreeft

Be a Visible Witness of the Catholic Faith
All those you encounter will look to you as a witness of the Catholic Faith.  This means conducting yourself in thought, word and deed in accord with the Church’s teachings. 

General Dates
Dates vary by diocese. For example, Syracuse begins training on June 14 to accommodate northeastern school schedules. So be sure to check with the diocese you’re applying to for exact dates.

  • Training: May 22-31, 2019

  • In Parishes: June 1-28, 2019

  • Midsummer Meeting: June 29, 2019

  • Break week: June 29-July 5, 2019

  • In Parishes: July 6-August 2, 2019

  • End of Summer Gathering: TBD


Most dioceses pay a flat stipend. This stipend can be spaced throughout the summer or paid at once, depending on their payroll schedule. It will definitely be a missionary’s wage, but your lodging and meals are provided throughout the summer.

Apply to Teach Totus Tuus

We welcome applications from anyone age 18 and older. Applicants must have an authentic, dynamic Catholic faith and be actively living the teachings of the Catholic Church. We prefer one year of college/work, but are willing to consider mature high school graduates. No major or area of study are required. This is a great summer job experience for anyone who wants to work in ministry, education, or with children in other settings. 

Contact the director of the dioceses you'd like to teach in by checking out the below.

Please note: each diocese does things a little differently, but the overall structure is the same. Please check with the diocese you're applying to about specific dates, application deadlines, compensation, etc.